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Which type of home loan or refinance is right for you?

How much mortgage can you afford? Are you eligible for a VA or FHA loan? What type of conventional mortgage programs might answer your needs? Are 5-7 year ARMs worth considering? What is a jumbo mortgage and what rate differences apply? How can I reduce or work around expensive Mortgage Insurance with a downpayment of less than 20%.

To find the right answers, Keith Brown looks at your credit, income, debt and how long you plan on being in your home.  He can then draw on the direct-lending resources of Intercoastal Mortgage to secure you the best rates and terms. You end up with a mortgage that’s the best fit for your budget and your plans for the future.

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Construction / Renovation loans

These loans are for homeowners building a custom home or doing extensive remodeling and renovation on an existing home. At the end of your project (or at the end of the loan period, usually 12 months) the construction loan automatically becomes a permanent mortgage. By structuring your loan in this way, Keith Brown saves you thousands of dollars in the additional closing costs that would be associated with multiple loan settlements.

A construction loan is a temporary loan used to build a new home. Typically the borrower will find a piece of land and contract with a builder to construct a custom home. The construction loan can be used to acquire the land and provide draws to the builder as the home progresses through the construction stages. One the home is 100% complete, the construction is converted to a permanent residential mortgage. Typically, the minimum down payment required for construction financing is 20% based upon the total acquisition cost. (land cost + cost to build the home)

A renovation loan is similiar in that a short term loan is used to pay for major renovations/upgrades to an existing property. Once the renovations are completed, the loan is modified to a permanent mortgage.

Intercoastal has extremely attractive construction and renovation loan terms which are locally underwritten in our Fairfax office.