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Why homebuyers trust Keith Brown

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Understanding Credit Scores

How Can You Get a Mortgage With Less-Than-Perfect Credit?

Call me! If the credit score is too low, debt is too high or there’s another problem, I can often find “work arounds” that will satisfy loan underwriters. If credit is such that qualifying for a loan now isn’t possible, I can advise on how to clear credit problems to secure a loan a little while down the road.

This kind of flexibility is only possible because I work with Intercoastal – a mortgage company with some very important differences from others in the field, including:

More direct control over the lending and underwriting process. Intercoastal is a direct mortgage lender, not a broker. Brokers have no control over underwriting or funding of loans – these functions are performed by a different company. Brokers have no face time with the underwriter. At Intercoastal, however, we do have direct control and decade-long personal relationships with the underwriters. So, if there is a problem with credit, we can discuss it directly with the underwriter right here in our Fairfax office and see what needs to change in order to get loan approval.

More options for finding mortgages for which you can qualify. VA and FHA loans, for example, can often be a better match if you face challenges with credit or coming up with a sizeable down payment. Unlike a bank that is locked into offering just its own mortgage products, Intercoastal can offer VA and FHA loans and shop conventional programs offered by a wide range of lenders.

We’re local. In our area, for instance, many people run all their monthly expenses through a card like American Express to build up rewards points and simplify recordkeeping of what’s being spent. We don’t necessarily view this as being “maxed out” on credit. But with brokers and even banks with local branches, the underwriting might not be done in this area – and that same practice might indeed be seen as being maxed out on credit and the loan would be denied.