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Keith Brown is one of the most experienced loan officers in Northern Virginia. He is also one of the most passionate about sharing his knowledge with both the realtors and homebuyers. Please feel free to browse the resources here to learn more about how to get your best mortgage and avoid traps such as late closings, rate changes, and decline loan applications.

But remember, all you really need to know is to call Keith Brown. He will handle everything for you from preapproval through appraisal, processing and settlement. Plus, he'll make that entire process pleasantly efficient and free of unpleasant surprises that can waste you time and cost you unnecessary expense.

All lenders are required to utilize a double-blind appraiser assignment system.  The goal is to ensure that the appraiser is in no way influenced in the valuation of the home by the referring loan officer/processor.  When the appraisal is assigned, the loan officer may not know to whom the appraisal was assigned to and the loan officer may not have any contact with the appraiser until after the appraisal is completed.  In addition, the appraiser is not allowed to know from which loan officer/processor the appraisal assignment came from.  The goal is to allow appraisers complete freedom to determine a home’s value without undue influence from the referring individual. 

This system can lead to a lack of accountability on the appraiser’s part.  All too often in our market, borrowers and Realtors complain of appraisers who do shoddy work, take a long time to turn in results, deliver poor results and don’t consider all the available data in determining the fair market value. 

At Intercoastal, we examine appraisers resumés and look carefully at where  they live and the areas they serve.  In order to work with us, appraisers must be State-Certified (the highest level of licensing an appraiser can receive) and they must possess at least a decade of experience in the local markets they serve. 

That’s the key: we only use local, certified appraisers.  Too often with the big banks, you’ll get an appraiser from a rural area appraising a property in an urban area or vice-versa.  Our appraisers are thoroughly vetted to ensure they meet the highest standards throughout the process.  They know their markets, neighborhoods and the trends to ensure a fair and honest valuation of residential property.