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Mortgage insurance

Mortgage Insurance (MI) is required on any Conventional (Conforming or Jumbo) loan with a down payment of less than 20% and is required on all FHA loans regardless of down payment amount.   The purpose of MI is to provide an insurance policy to the lender that covers the lender’s losses should the borrower default on the loan.  On FHA loans, the MI is provided by HUD.  On conventional loans, the MI is provided by private companies like UGIC, MGIC, Genworth and others.  Thus the MI on conventional loans is referred to as Private Mortgage Insurance. 

Conforming Conventional loans grant the borrowers a variety of options to pay the MI costs.  Note: MI costs do vary with credit scores, debt ratios and down payment amounts.  Of equal importance is that MI costs can vary significantly from one mortgage company to the next.  If looking at conventional loans with less than a 20% down payment, be sure to shop not only the interest rate but the actual MI costs and options available.  Not all lenders offer the below variety of MI options.  If placing less than 20% down, be sure to know what your MI costs and options are!

Monthly Mortgage Insurance:  the MI cost is paid on a monthly basis as part of the mortgage payment.  The actual cost goes down the larger the down payment and the higher the credit score.  

SinglePremium Upfront Mortgage Insurance: this very attractive option allows the buyer to pay the MI cost in the form of a one-time single upfront premium, thus eliminating the monthly cost.  Typically, if comparing the one-time upfront cost versus the monthly cost, the breakeven is only two to three years.  You can also use seller contributions or lender-credits to help pay the upfront premium.  The premium amount can vary significantly based upon the credit scores, down payment amount and debt ratios with significant discounts for higher well-qualified borrowers. 

Lender-Paid Mortgage Insurance (LPMI): often referred to as “No-MI” loans, LMPI loans have neither an upfront Mortgage Insurance premium nor any monthly premiums.  The MI cost is instead built into the interest rate of the loan with the MI cost funded through the higher interest rate.  This is a good alternative to the SinglePremium option as it allows the borrower to avoid the one-time SinglePremium upfront cost.  While the interest rate is higher, typically the payments are still considerably cheaper the payment of monthly MI.  Thus this option is considered preferable to the payment of traditional Monthly MI.  LPMI is the most popular program for borrowers with high credit scores.