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VA home loans

Veteran Affairs (VA) loans are offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs to eligible Active Duty and Honorably Discharged Veterans and Reservists. 

Pros: 100% financing without mortgage insurance to $679,650.  VA loans are also available on loan amounts up to $2.0 Million.  The required down payment on loans over $679,650 is 25% of the difference between the sales price and $679,650. 

-  For down payments less than 20%, the VA loan is the best program available for eligible Veterans/Reservists. 

-  VA Rates are typically cheaper than corresponding conventional rates.

-  Higher debt ratios are allowed (into the low 50s). 

-  Depending upon the eligibility amount, you may be able to have more than one VA loan open at a time. 

-  If rates fall, the borrower may qualify for a Streamline Refinance that carries reduced closing costs, no appraisal and borrower does not have to re-qualify for the mortgage. 

- Credit Scores as low as 600 allowed.

- Shorter wait times for major derogatory items like Foreclosures, Bankruptcies and Short-Sales. 

Cons: There aren’t many. VA loans tend to be among the best programs around.  Do note that VA loans only allow spouses on the mortgage.  Co-signers are not allowed.  The only additional fee on VA Loans is the Funding Fee which varies, based upon 1st time or subsequent use as well as the down payment amount (see below).  The Funding Fee can be waived if a borrower receives VA Disability Pay.   

A Certificate of Eligibility is required from the VA to determine Veteran’s eligibility.  Keith can order this electronically from the VA as part of the preapproval process at no cost.

 Funding Fee Table

Veteran TypeDown Payment% For First-Time Use% For Subsequent Use
Regular MilitaryNone2.15%3.3%
5% or More1.50%1.50%
10% or More1.25%1.25%
National Guard
5% or More1.75%1.75%
10% or More1.50%1.50%