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Understanding Credit Scores

What Helps My Credit?

Now that we’ve seen what hurts credit, let’s take a look at what helps you improve your credit score, again listed from the biggest impact on down.

Factors that will help your credit score:

No late payments, collections or judgments.

Credit Cards that have been open for 2 years or longer (the longer the better) with zero balance.

The more credit cards open with zero balances the better the score.

Credit Cards with outstanding balances less than 25% of the credit limit/high credit amount.

No new debt opened in the past year.

How Long Will Negative Factors Affect My Credit Score?

Late Payments: 7 Years from date past due.
Collections: 7 years from date of last activity.
Judgments and Tax Liens: 7 years from when satisfied; 12 years from when filed –whichever is longer.
Bankruptcy: 10 years from date discharged.
Foreclosure/Short Sales: 7 years from date of last activity.